How To Make Your Diet Weight-Loss Program Work?

The current statistics by the health authorities are shocking. It is sad to learn that there is a sharp rise in the cases of obesity among the American public. It is more shocking to see that there is an increase in obesity among young adults. These are our future leaders and it is a looming danger to the productivity of our nation. One in every three Americans is obese.

How do we define obesity?

In simple terms, obesity is a serious condition in which an individual’s body weight goes way above the ideal or expected body-weight. Medically, they use the body-mass index or BMI which is a relationship between the height in inches and the weight in pounds of an individual. A BMI greater than 30 is considered obese whereas the normal BMI is between 20 and 25. A BMI greater than 25 but less than 30 is considered over-weight. There are various websites which can help you determine your BMI. There are many more sites on Google and other search engines.

What causes obesity? gene food 

There are various causes of obesity which include but not limited to genetics, diet, life-style, sex, drugs and age.

Presence of certain genes in some families predisposes the members to obesity. Some individuals are highly susceptible to obesity because of their family inheritance. It is for this reason that we sometimes see a family of obese members.

On the other hand,diet is a key environmental factor contributing to development of obesity. Many Americans are no longer cooking in their homes, instead, they have fallen prey to fast-food chains and restaurants. Most of the recipes found in these food places are not healthy. They, quite often, compromise on quality but satisfy quantity and affordability.

Life-style is another key factor in the growth of the many cases of obesity. The change of life among most Americans is headed for the worst. Most people no longer have enough exercises.Exercise is a key component in managing obesity. Today, lack of exercise as seen in the more common sedentary life-style is detrimental to health.


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