Medellin – A Must See When Visiting Colombia

Medellin, Colombia can be a dazzling city; it can be challenging and at the same time enchanting. Getting there may not be easy, staying there is and leaving it could be impossible. Medellin a land forged out of the mountains by a group of people reluctant to give up, the Paisas as people in Medellin are known are a special group of people that never give up.

Looking at the mountains around the city one can only sit there and wonder how this lush magical piece of land could have ever been conquered. That special group of people along with their mules and strong attitudes carved and etched those tall standing mountains into what they are today, Medellin-Colombia a land of contrasts, a land of opportunity and probably one of the best places to invest in.

Analysts have been making predictions about the rise of Medellin, about Colombias economy and why investing there may be the wisest choice of all. Plenty of real estate to be had, most of it virgin; waiting for their rightful owner. Medellin is a bustling city, its people are friendly and talkative, willing to help out anyone in distress.

Long are gone the Wild West Days of Medellin, a city that has undergone a massive culture change welcoming the opportunity to do business, a city for ever known as the industrial capital of Colombia. Medellin not only boasts beautiful real estate to be had, it also offers investors a wonderful opportunity to set up businesses there. Among the top businesses this wonderful city has to offer are the textile industry, the flower industry, the customer service industry and more.

Medellins infrastructure has changed dramatically, now boasting top notch hotels and restaurants waiting to rival the best of the best. It has gone through a transportation overhaul, its main jewel being its beautiful Metro system. New roads are built and such eye popping mega construction undertakings as the Occidente Tunnel will amaze even travellers from first world countries. fotomultas medellin

Antioquia, the departamento (state) which Medellin happens to be the capital city of is rich in energy producing plants, making this citys power infrastructure one of the best if not the best in all of Colombia. Antioquia happens to be the top exporter of Colombian bananas and its Turbo port on the Caribbean Ocean one of the busiest ports in all of Colombia. Its banking system is rivaled by none, as Medellin is home to the countries most powerful and influential bank: Bancolombia.

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